Through cartoons and maps, Dave talks about times and places, thoughts and ideas. Big ideas are are explored visually. Themes range from understanding our world through cartography to exploring our creativity through doodling and design.


Signs and Symbols Explored: A cartoonist shares a unique perspective

Cartography: From past and present the big picture tool to understanding our planet (2 parts)

Cartooning: A short, crazy look at a funny art form

• Power Doodling and Practical Daydreaming: An expert of sorts shares his zany thoughts and semi-serious advice

Graphic Communication: A survival guide and practical primer

Ocean Exploration: How we got where we are (a voyage of exploration from past to present)

Water: An ode to H20

Visualizing our World: Seeing the best in the largest and smallest things

Surfing Secrets Everyone Should Know

The Geography of Joy